Mats Ogdén (mogd001) - NWOC and OK Linné Löpare

Analysis from events and kick ass trainings.

Riverhead Långpass (2018-04-21)
lördag 21 april 2018
Kategori: Training
Riverhead, Me, NZ
Sick. Tough, but sick.
Rogaine Series #1 (2018-04-14)
lördag 14 april 2018
Kategori: Competition
Riverhead East, NWOC, NZ
Tough terrain but felt strong for most of the way. Just one larger mistake from 149 to 156, where I hit the valley and wasnt to su...
NZ Champs 2018 Middle (2018-03-31)
lördag 31 mars 2018
Kategori: Competition
Temu Road, AOC, NZ
Poor execution to 11 and 15, otherwise a solid race.
NZ Champs 2018 Long (2018-03-30)
fredag 30 mars 2018
Kategori: Competition
Hedley Dunes, AOC, NZ
Well...the worst mistake I have made in a while. Awesome course, shame I couldnt give it justice.
NZ Champs 2018 Sprint Part II (2018-03-30)
fredag 30 mars 2018
Kategori: Competition
Univesrsity of Auckland, AOC, NZ
NZ Champs 2018 Sprint PartI (2018-03-30)
fredag 30 mars 2018
Kategori: Competition
Uinversity of Auckland, AOC, NZ
AOS 2 (2018-03-24)
lördag 24 mars 2018
Kategori: Competition
Lake Kereta, NWOC, NZ
Nice terrain and course.
Too long, too much climb (2018-02-04)
söndag 4 februari 2018
Kategori: Training
Slater Road and Otakanini Topu, Me, NZ
Beast långpass with AOTC. Good turnout, solid session!
SOW2018 Day 3 (2018-01-27)
lördag 27 januari 2018
Kategori: Competition
West Bay, SOW, NZ
Absolutely epic terrain, so ruthless, loved it. The race went very well until 21 when I lost the plot a little, probably a result ...
SOW2018 Day 2 (2018-01-26)
fredag 26 januari 2018
Kategori: Competition
Teetotal, SOW, NZ
Very scrappy race, with a big blow out to number 4 and some other lazy mistakes. Didnt have the speed that Nick had, but still an ...
SOW2018 Day 1 (2018-01-25)
torsdag 25 januari 2018
Kategori: Competition
Tunnicliff Forest, NOC, NZ
Brutal terrain, mostly good race apart from not finding control 11 and faffing around for a bit.
O-Intervals (2018-01-20)
lördag 20 januari 2018
Kategori: Training
Woodhill South, Me, NZ
Filth. The entire map has been felled apart from a couple of pockets of young trees. Made for a tough tession battling through lup...
Coastal Middle (2018-01-03)
onsdag 3 januari 2018
Kategori: Training
South Woodhill, Me, NZ
Middle distance as part of a longer session. I did strength training yesterday which destroyed my legs, so running through the ter...