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Matt Ogden (mogd001) - Ok Linné Löpare

My analysis from events and kick ass trainings.

Nationals Relay (2017-10-22)
pühapäev 22 oktoober 2017
Kategooria: Competition
Hautope, HBOC, New Zealand
Atrocious exit direction from 9, but pretty good otherwise. Tried to keep up with Florian in the beginning, but he was absolutely ...
Nationals Long Distance (2017-10-21)
laupäev 21 oktoober 2017
Kategooria: Competition
Hautope, HBOC, New Zealand
A really nice long distance. Lost focus 19-22 bleeding a bit of time, but otherwise good. Super tight between Chris, Gene, and I....
Nationals Middle Distance (2017-10-20)
reede 20 oktoober 2017
Kategooria: Competition
Phillips Field, HBOC, New Zealand
Sick terrain and course.
Pre-Aussie Champs Middle (2017-09-16)
laupäev 16 september 2017
Kategooria: Training
Telephone Track, Me
Nice final technical session with Cam before Aussie champs next weekend!
AOS 7 (2017-09-10)
pühapäev 10 september 2017
Kategooria: Competition
Whites Line, NWOC
Recovering from some fatigue/sickness the past few days so the speed dropped after 20 minutes. Pretty good technically, some small...
NWOC Junior Training (2017-08-25)
reede 25 august 2017
Kategooria: Training
Riverhead, Kent, NZ
Green! Putting out controls, and following Liam on the compass section.
Otak Långpass (2017-08-20)
pühapäev 20 august 2017
Kategooria: Training
Otakanini Topu, Me, NZ
NWOC Rogaine Series #3 (2017-06-17)
laupäev 17 juuni 2017
Kategooria: Competition
Slater Road, NWOC, NZ
A little too much climb and distance in my route compared to Camerons. Solid hit out, felt great.
NWOC Rogaine Series #2 (2017-06-10)
laupäev 10 juuni 2017
Kategooria: Competition
Riverhead North, NWOC, NZ
Fun day out, good speed, little rusty in places.
Double Middle (2017-05-06)
laupäev 6 mai 2017
Kategooria: Training
Riverhead, Devon, NZ
WMOC  (2017-04-28)
reede 28 aprill 2017
Kategooria: Training
Deaks Head, AOC, NZ
WMOC W40A course. Pre-ran after waking up controls for the main event. Tried to push pretty hard, then made some pretty awful mist...
Oceana Middle (2017-04-16)
pühapäev 16 aprill 2017
Kategooria: Competition
The Rockery, CMOC, NZ
Good race barring mistakes to the 6th, 8th and 9th. Finshed 2nd, 2 seconds behind Nick who also had a strong race. The form was no...
Oceania Relay (2017-04-15)
laupäev 15 aprill 2017
Kategooria: Competition
Kereta, NWOC, NZ
Mistake to the 9th then got really confused by the not mapped green going to the 20th. The rest of the course went fine and I felt...
Oceania Long Distance Part 2 (2017-04-15)
laupäev 15 aprill 2017
Kategooria: Competition
Rototoa, NWOC, NZ
How not to finish a race...
Oceana Long Distance (2017-04-14)
reede 14 aprill 2017
Kategooria: Competition
Rototoa, NWOC, NZ
Fantastic terrain and course. Definitely not my best race, with numerous mistakes, poor direction in places, and pulling up a litt...