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Matt Ogden (mogd001) - Ok Linné Löpare

My analysis from events and kick ass trainings.

NWOC Rogaine Series #3 (17.06.2017)
A little too much climb and distance in my route compared to Camerons. Solid hit out, felt great.
NWOC Rogaine Series #2 (10.06.2017)
Sobota 10 červen 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Riverhead North, NWOC, NZ
Fun day out, good speed, little rusty in places.
Double Middle (06.05.2017)
Sobota 6 květen 2017
Kategorie: Training
Riverhead, Devon, NZ
WMOC  (28.04.2017)
Pátek 28 duben 2017
Kategorie: Training
Deaks Head, AOC, NZ
WMOC W40A course. Pre-ran after waking up controls for the main event. Tried to push pretty hard, then made some pretty awful mist...
Oceana Middle (16.04.2017)
Neděle 16 duben 2017
Kategorie: Competition
The Rockery, CMOC, NZ
Good race barring mistakes to the 6th, 8th and 9th. Finshed 2nd, 2 seconds behind Nick who also had a strong race. The form was no...
Oceania Relay (15.04.2017)
Sobota 15 duben 2017
Kategorie: Competition
Kereta, NWOC, NZ
Mistake to the 9th then got really confused by the not mapped green going to the 20th. The rest of the course went fine and I felt...
Oceania Long Distance Part 2 (15.04.2017)
How not to finish a race...
Oceana Long Distance (14.04.2017)
Fantastic terrain and course. Definitely not my best race, with numerous mistakes, poor direction in places, and pulling up a litt...