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Matt Ogden (mogd001) - Ok Linné Löpare

My analysis from events and kick ass trainings.

U23 Camp Champs (15-12-2016)
Quinta-Feira 15 Dezembro 2016
Categoria: Training
Hogsback, Nick Hann, NZ
Putting out controls before the camp champs. Chilled pace, nice course! Great end to the camp.
Middle Training (14-12-2016)
Quarta-Feira 14 Dezembro 2016
Categoria: Training
Acheron, Me, NZ
Focused training during camp. Some wobbles here and there, and overshot 3. Cool forest.
AOS11 (08-10-2016)
Sábado 8 Outubro 2016
Categoria: Competition
South Woodhill, AOC, NZ
NWOC Club Champs, 49seconds after Gene. Good race generally, maybe some hesitations here and there.
Masters Corridor (07-10-2016)
Sexta-Feira 7 Outubro 2016
Categoria: Training
Line of White, Me, NZ
Part of the Masters training day. Tried the new Str8 compass, liking it.
Australian Middle Distance Championships (02-10-2016)
Domingo 2 Outubro 2016
Categoria: Competition
Cascades, Orienteering Queensland, Australia
Another awesome race in world class terrain. Again, a good start; agressive, confident and in control. Then lost some of the flow ...
Australian Long Distance Championships (01-10-2016)
Sábado 1 Outubro 2016
Categoria: Competition
Amiens, Orienteering Queensland, Australia
Sick! Amazing terrain, pure. Really good start, then lost some speed towards the 8th. Mistakes started to creep in after 15 as I g...
Pre Aussie Middle Training (23-09-2016)
Sexta-Feira 23 Setembro 2016
Categoria: Training
Riverhead, Devon Beckham, NZ
Nice orienteering session before Aussie Long and Middle Championships next weekend. Two parts, this is "Round 2" as the gps was in...
AOC Training Day Contours (11-09-2016)
Domingo 11 Setembro 2016
Categoria: Training
Telephone Track, AOC, NZ
AOC Training Day Compass (10-09-2016)
Sábado 10 Setembro 2016
Categoria: Training
Telephone Track, AOC, NZ
Following some people around and jumping between people.
AOS 9 (03-09-2016)
Sábado 3 Setembro 2016
Categoria: Competition
Waiuku South, CMOC, NZ
Beginning specific focus towards Aus Champs, hence went through the routines prior to the race. Body not feeling the greatest, but...
AOS Warm-up (03-09-2016)
Sábado 3 Setembro 2016
Categoria: Training
Waiuku South, CMOC, NZ
Riverhead Technique (26-08-2016)
Sexta-Feira 26 Agosto 2016
Categoria: Training
Riverhead, Me, NZ
Cool training with Cameron and Dwayne. Forgot my compass which made it a bit more challenging. Corridor went ok (before I had star...
Långpass med Devon (19-08-2016)
Sexta-Feira 19 Agosto 2016
Categoria: Training
Woodhill South, Devon, NZ
Kul pass med Devon. Fint.
AOS 8 (13-08-2016)
Sábado 13 Agosto 2016
Categoria: Competition
Woodhill South, AOC, NZ
Classic woodhill. Struggled with speed and big mistake to the 12th.
For those who were left behind (08-07-2016)
Sexta-Feira 8 Julho 2016
Categoria: Training
Telephone Track/Restall Road, Maximus Griffiths, New Zealand
Fun training set by Maximus. So nice to be out in the forest after a break due to impalation by thorn and proceeding surgery. Good...
DAM^2 TC Medel Kval (21-05-2016)
Sábado 21 Maio 2016
Categoria: Training
Slater Road, Devv, NZ
Dev and I ran a middle distance simulation, with middle and qualification. Legs recovered well from the morning, so I could run at...
DAM^2 TC Route Choices (20-05-2016)
Sexta-Feira 20 Maio 2016
Categoria: Training
Slater/Hedley Road, Me, NZ
Tough long training, focusing on route choices. Not the greatest technical performance, and got really tired towards the end. Ran ...
DAM^2 TC Natt Medel (20-05-2016)
Sexta-Feira 20 Maio 2016
Categoria: Training
Telephone Track, Me, NZ
Great start to a beast training weekend. Recovering from a flu I picked up late last week, so not feeling 100%. Coughed up copious...
DAM^2 TC Medel Final (20-05-2016)
Sexta-Feira 20 Maio 2016
Categoria: Training
Slater Road, Devon, NZ
Middle Final. Started 2 minutes in front of Devon, but think he finished a few seconds faster than me. Cool to see him smash a mid...
Summer Series (11-02-2016)
Quinta-Feira 11 Fevereiro 2016
Categoria: Training
Cornwall Park, AOC, NZ
Fun tempo session at the weekly summer series. Was lucky enough to do the race head to head against NZ's premier scholar, who has ...
Back to Basics (08-02-2016)
Segunda-Feira 8 Fevereiro 2016
Categoria: Training
Telephone Track, Me, NZ
First technical training of 2016 and hence very rusty with the technique. I have not wanted to touch a map for a very long time, s...