Night Hawk Leg 4 (12-08-2016)
Kategori: Competition
Kort/område: Linderudkollen
Land: Norway
Disciplin: Relay
Distance: 12.64 km
Tid: 75:40
Gennemsnitspuls: 173
Maxpuls: 185
Skjul kommentarer (2)
Terje Wiig Mathisen : Pretty good orienteering here, I missed a lot more on my 3rd leg. :-(

Gene, since you enjoyed this, you really _have_ to take part in Jukola! With 1700 teams on the starting line it is just like Night Hawk, only 7 times larger. :-)
Gene Beveridge : Thanks Terje! The mass start here at Night Hawk was absolutely thrilling, so I can't wait to do Jukola! Hopefully next year.
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Night Hawk Leg 4 (12-08-2016) Night Hawk Leg 4 (12-08-2016)