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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

See where I went on courses by myself!

Tuaraki Northern Champs 2022 - Day 3 (23/10/2022)
10 was on the wrong track junction - the track wasn't on the map, followed it up to the main track before working out where to go ...
QB22 - Middle 2 (05/06/2022)
Started with Dad and tried racing him to the start triangle, then he told me to read my map, which was a good idea - thanks Dad
QB22 - Long (04/06/2022)
Didn't start watch until almost 2 mins after start, had already headed up wrong track before coming back to triangle
QB22 - Middle 1 (04/06/2022)
Shoe came off in the finish chute, cost me the win
Autumn O #1 (08/05/2022)
Воскресенье 8 Мая 2022
McLaren Falls
Dad forgot the gps watch