Natt løp (19/09/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Trones
Country: Norway
Discipline: Night
Distance: 4.62 km
Time: 22:33
Average HR: 170
Maximum HR: 182
Night race on Trones Golfcourse. First time night orienteering in about 6 months so I made few mistakes but I’m pretty happy with how it went. (1) Didn’t have any chance to plan between picking up the map and having to decide on which route-choice, but I think my way was pretty fast. (2) Slightly overshot, not used to the scale in forest +0:20. (3) Overshot again. Looking for the clearing on the track but never saw it. Then too far to the right once I left the track +0:50. (4) Bad compass leaving the forest and across the open +0:10. (6) Really stuffed the compass bearing down the slope +0:30. (9) Thought I entered the forest at the hill but obviously not. +0:10. (10) Really stuffed up in the circle, couldn’t make sense of the contours or tracks in the dark +0:40. (12) Crap bearing again, I don’t know what was wrong tonight +0:10. Lost about +2:50 from mistakes.
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Natt løp (19/09/2012) Natt løp (19/09/2012)