O-Karusell 6 (12/09/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vinne
Country: Norway
Distance: 3.63 km
Time: 15:47
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 177
Came first in a pretty simple sprint, but still managed to stuff up some route choices. Ate way too close to the run as well so my stomach was really full, and this discouraged me from doing a good warm up. Overall I wasn’t focussed at all so had a pretty poor run. Didn’t push to hard because I was afraid of getting a stich, but I got one anyway. (2) Almost ran past it, the change in vegetation was much more subtle than I expected +0:05. (6) Ran all around the knoll looking for the control, should have read the description +0:10. (7) Didn’t realize the track in the middle of the leg was actually two tracks that didn’t connect +0:05. (8) DEFINITELY should have run left, the steep bank after the forest was horrible +0:40. Really can’t seem to focus for these Wednesday events. Hopefully I can be in a better state of mind for the races in Sweden this weekend.
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O-Karusell 6 (12/09/2012) O-Karusell 6 (12/09/2012)