Swiss 5 Day Stage 2 (16/07/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mont Chaubert
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Extended Middle Distance
Took it fairly easy in the second stage of Swiss 5 Day. It was the first forest map I'd been on in Switzerland and I knew it would be easy to make mistakes being unfamiliar with the terrain. Came 2nd about 1 min off the pace. (1) Ran the tracks as I didn’t know what the forest would be like, but it was fairly nice. Made a silly mistake at the track junction though (+0:20). (2) Slightly high, had to drop down (+0:10). (3) Ran along the stone wall but on the wrong side and drifted off into the green too much (+0:20). (4) Stopped a little short as I was unsure of myself (+0:10). (6) Slowed down a lot unnecessarily here (+0:10). (9) Confused the ridge before the control with the hill and was hunting around too far north (+0:20). (16) Coming in to the control I saw a smaller cliff that wasn’t mapped, thought I was too high, so I ran down the slope, but really I was too early (+0:30). (19) Nailed this control, read all the vegetation perfectly running and was 100% sure of myself the whole time. If only there were another couple of km’s on the course… I also lost a lot of time when my number fell of, and I had to go back and find it otherwise I would lose free transport. Then I wasted some more time trying to put it in my pocket (+0:40). In total about +2:40 loss
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Swiss 5 Day Stage 2 (16/07/2012) Swiss 5 Day Stage 2 (16/07/2012)