Swiss 5 Day Stage 5 (20/07/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jorat 10
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Long Distance
Distance: 12.81 km
Time: 76:26
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 169
Stage 5 of the Swiss 5 Days. Really tired after the huge mission we did the day before up Dent De Morcles. Quads were smashed, had to jog around the course almost, so I didn't get such a good placing. Came 13th in H18 about 8 min off the leader. (1) Lost a small amount of time in the circle, didn't see the gap between the two thickets and so overshot and ended up at the track (10 sec). (3) Extra green on the map and got drawn a bit right partway through the leg and missed a track section. Also I overshot the erosion gully with white forest as it wasn’t obvious at all (30 sec). (4) Stopped a bit early (5 sec). (7) Bad exit from 6, could have run the track for longer (10 sec). (11) The large clearing was really thick and slow, would have been faster to run through the forest, closer to the line (20 sec). (12) Overshot the clearing running down the track, it wasn’t very distinct (10 sec). (13) Around the track to the right was probably faster. (15) Running straight was slightly faster I think. (16) Ran slowly and hit the stream too low. (18) Ran down the clearing by mistake, thinking it was the track (30 sec). Most of my time loss was from not being able to race though.
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Swiss 5 Day Stage 5 (20/07/2012) Swiss 5 Day Stage 5 (20/07/2012)