Queens Birthday Loops Race (04/06/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kaikokopu
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 7.86 km
Time: 41:16
Average HR: 178
Maximum HR: 189
Felt quite sick today as well, could have run faster if I was feeling normal. Had solid navigation again, and managed to keep up with Tom, Chris and Tane too which I was pretty happy with. 1 Should have run faster to the pivot, lost time trying to punch it as most people got there first (5 sec). 2 Got sucked left by spotting another control on a hill top too, should have stayed on bearing but wasn't in complete map contact so that's why I got drawn off (10 sec). 4 Was unsure of the contours in the circle but found it ok on a bearing (5 sec). 5-6 Tom and Tane were with me here but I didn't loose much time on map errors. 7 Had a solid bearing unlike the others but got drawn towards them because I thought I heard a control beep and got drawn off the fastest line (10 sec). 11 Unsure of contours again but found it ok (5 sec). 16 A little too high and not reading enough detail (5 sec). 27 Poor route choice (tried to go strait at first then bailed to the track) and not sure of contours in circle (10 sec). Lost time from running speed, especially when Tom, Chris and Tane sprinted off at the finish and I couldn't
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Queens Birthday Loops Race (04/06/2012) Queens Birthday Loops Race (04/06/2012)