JWOC Long (09.07.2018)
Kategorie: Competition
Mapa/oblast: Pirto
Země: Hungary
Disciplína: Long
Skutečná délka: 16.85 km
Čas: 89:55
Epic long distance, so long. First JWOC race so overall reasonably happy with how I ran despite a few mistakes. Missed the second slightly, not reading quite enough going ingo the open. Blew the 10th control due to running with a Portugese runner. A few hesitations going to 20 just before the run through, and definitely feeling the distance and fatigue getting sloppy with holding my compass and picking good routes through the terrain. Lost a fair bit of time on 25 due to this.
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JWOC Long (09.07.2018) JWOC Long (09.07.2018)