NZ Champs Middle (31/03/2018)
Kategori: Competition
Harita/bölge: Temu Rd
Organizasyon: Auckland
Ülke: New Zealand
Disiplin: Middle
Mesafe: 4.98 km
Zaman: 34:27
Littl bit of a wobbly start through 3 and 4 with not great execution but nothing major. Loved the terrain after 7, spiked almost all the controls in this second half of the course and really happy with my simplification and attack into the controls. Apart from a major parallel mistake to 11, not careful enough on the compass at the start of the leg and picked out the wrong track bend. Recovered relatively quickly and minimised the time lost to just under a minute. Awesome race though. 9sec from 1st!
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NZ Champs Middle (31/03/2018) NZ Champs Middle (31/03/2018)