Auckland Rogaine Series 2 (17/05/2015)
Kategori: Competition
Harita/bölge: Hedley Road
Organizasyon: NWOC
Ülke: New Zealand
Disiplin: Rogaine
Mesafe: 9.94 km
Zaman: 85:14
Haven't run here for a while. A lot more low lying shrub in the open farm land area. Silly lack of concerntration to 32 at the start. Should have done the top controls in the forest in a more logical order but we only added in 55 at the last minute. Wasted a lot of time around 51, the mapping in here seemed a bit skewed, never found this control in the end.
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Jeff: I think 51 was actually placed on the hill to the SW on the edge of the circle. Either that or the mapping was a bit odd.
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Auckland Rogaine Series 2 (17/05/2015) Auckland Rogaine Series 2 (17/05/2015)