Summer Series (11.02.2016)
Kategori: Training
Kart/område: Cornwall Park
Arrangør: AOC
Land: NZ
Distanse: 7.86 km
Tid: 33:28 HR: 121
Maksimum HR: 121
Fun tempo session at the weekly summer series. Was lucky enough to do the race head to head against NZ's premier scholar, who has quite the speedy engine.

Despite the low technical challenge, was still good to have map in hand and be running at a higher intensity. More fun than just a straight tempo/interval session in my mind. Started off quite strong, but began to fade towards the end, just as the scholar moved into 6th gear. Beautiful evening for it, including two summits of One Tree Hill. Nice to catch up with some people too!
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cool dood: you're a good nigga
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Summer Series (11.02.2016) Summer Series (11.02.2016)