Kairangi Farm event (17/06/2012)
Kategori: Training
Harita/bölge: Kairangi
Ülke: NZ
Disiplin: Long
Mesafe: 8.16 km
Zaman: 62:10
Ortalama kalp atisi: 161
Maximum kalp atisi: 180
relaxed club event last for NZ before I leave, frosty grass and muddy gullies, with plenty of sunshine and glorious views from the top near the Maungatautiri fence, I should have stopped longer to appreciate the view. Too far to go back after (-:
shin no issue at all Yay soft farm grounds

sloppy start as caught older orienteer, wanted to prove him but he was still wise (-: I need to accept that other people are likely to go the same way and that can mean you are both right!

When putting route on, had to move a lot of points, obviously not gps mapped (-:
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Kairangi Farm event (17/06/2012) Kairangi Farm event (17/06/2012)