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Welcome to Toby's digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

3 Days of Belgium - Day 3 (09.06.2014)
Was just walking but still made a really horrible mistake to 7. Had a lot of trouble matching the vegitation and there were some e...
3 Days of Belgium - Sprint (08.06.2014)
Neděle 8 červen 2014
Fourneau-St-Michel, Balise 10, Belgium
Casual sprint after the middle race, they measured the scale quite wrong and was more like 3km
3 Days of Belgium - Day 2 (08.06.2014)
The contours were hand drawn and quite wrong in some places eg. the reentrant to 12 was actually tiny. Also a big clearing missing...
3 Days of Belgium - Day 1 (07.06.2014)
Ran the first bit, was disappointed there wasn't more in the area around 6 and 7.
Jura O Weekend Long (01.06.2014)
Neděle 1 červen 2014
Les Riondees - Longchaumois, O' Jura and OC CERN, France
Just ran the short course, small mistakes on 2 and 4, ended up winning somehow.
Jura O Weekend Swiss Middle Champs (31.05.2014)
Sobota 31 květen 2014
Bois de la Chaites, O' Jura and CO CERN, France
Really nice map, and I had a pretty good race, drifted a bit on 2. Also made small mistakes on 9 and 10.
Jura O Weekend Sprint (30.05.2014)
Mistake to the 4th, went right when I thought it was on the upper level, then switched to left when I read the description. Hadn't...
Jura O Weekend Regional Middle (29.05.2014)
Gps didnt't work between 7-8 and 12-20. I ran the first few and the section from 14, walked the rest.
Alsace Long Champs (18.05.2014)
Ran the first half because it was a bit long for my knee. Printing was messed up though; the erosion gullies where sometimes brown...