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Welcome to Max's digital orienteering map archive!

Maps and Route overlay from trainings, events, and competitions. GPS routes are captured on Garmin Forerunner 620

U23 Camp - Day 1: Flying Mile (11/12/2016)
Sunday 11 December 2016
Tuhaitara, Matt, New Zealand
Felt really good on this short sprint 'Flying Mile'. Small error on exit direction out of 7 and then drifted slightly to the track...
Australian Middle Championships (02/10/2016)
Sunday 2 October 2016
Cascades, Orienteering Queensland, Australia
Agains such an awesome area adjacent to what was used the day before for the long. Not a great start with 30s error to 2 and a 2 m...
Australian Long Championships (01/10/2016)
Saturday 1 October 2016
Amiens, Orienteering Queensland, Australia
Such epic terrain, loved the map and being able to run here. Main focus for this race was to keep any mistakes I made to a minimal...
Australian School Individual Championships (28/09/2016)
Wednesday 28 September 2016
Cotswold Bluff, Orienteering Queensland, Australia
First race ever having a GPS tracker that isn't just my watch. Varied terrain, very fast on the vague open hills and areas of dens...
Australian Schools Sprint Championships (26/09/2016)
Monday 26 September 2016
Palm Beach Currumbin State High Schoo, Orienteering Queensland, Australia
Very small map and as such had to use the field which made this sprint pretty easy unfortunately, lost some time on straight runni...
Australian Relay Championships (25/09/2016)
Sunday 25 September 2016
Mundoolun, Orienteering Queensland, Australia
Relay, leg 2
Really happy with (almost) all of this race. Planning ahead and simplifying well and staying strong on my compass despite a lot of...
Australian Sprint Champtionships (24/09/2016)
Saturday 24 September 2016
Griffith University, Orienteering Queensland, Australia
Really cool sprint map, very technical small paths in place, although to an extreme in place making it hard to read. Still recover...
Auckland Orienteering Series 8 (13/08/2016)
Saturday 13 August 2016
Woodhill South, AOC, New Zealand
Back into typical woodhill terrain. Struggled to hold a strong bearing through the first loop, small mistake to 5. Hesitated out ...
Auckland Orienteering Series 7 (16/07/2016)
Saturday 16 July 2016
Pulpit Rock, North West, New Zealand
Really awesome and interesting first half of the course through to 15. New area I really havent ever run in (apart from briefly at...
QB'Day 2016 - MultiDay (05/06/2016)
Sunday 5 June 2016
Walda, Wellington OC, New Zealand
Not a great end to the weekend. Just wanted as a clean a race as I could, didn't need to have heaps of pace. Quite hesitant to the...
QB'Day 2016 - Long (04/06/2016)
Saturday 4 June 2016
Osgiliath Wood, Wellington OC, New Zealand
Very happy with this race, so close to being perfect technically and happy with physical performance also. Only disrupted by a hug...
QB'Day 2016 - Middle (04/06/2016)
Saturday 4 June 2016
Kuku Beach, Wellington OC, New Zealand
A few small hesitations to 1 and 2 (gps cut out around 2 also). Felt really good through to 10, clean navigation and comfortable h...
NWOC Rogaine Series #3 (28/05/2016)
Saturday 28 May 2016
Whites Line, NWOC, New Zealand
Managed to (just) get every control within 90 mins. Knew I was going to be cutting it fine within the first 30 mins as I passed my...
W6.5 (07/02/2016)
Sunday 7 February 2016
Mt Victoria & Wellington College, Wellington OC, New Zealand
Really stoked (and a bit surprised) to come out with a win in this race. Stayed clean and consistent in the forest section at the ...
W6.3 (06/02/2016)
Saturday 6 February 2016
Whitireia Polytech, Wellington OC, New Zealand
Really happy with my pace and route choice. Very tight map with lots of small buildings. Finished 4th (+0:29)
W6.2 (06/02/2016)
Saturday 6 February 2016
Victoria University, Wellington OC, New Zealand
Interesting sprint map in amongst small buildings along the hillside in and around Vic Uni. Quite slow on some on some of the step...
W6.1 (05/02/2016)
Friday 5 February 2016
Karori, Wellington OC, New Zealand
Good start to W6 weekend. FInished 3rd and happy with my execution and routechoice overall. Missed shorter route to 10 and had a b...