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Welcome to Max's digital orienteering map archive!

Maps and Route overlay from trainings, events, and competitions. GPS routes are captured on Garmin Forerunner 620

Sydney MetrO League #2 (28/05/2023)
Воскресенье 28 Мая 2023
Wianamatta Regional Park West, Western & Hills Orienteers, Australia
Sydney MetrO League #1 (23/04/2023)
Воскресенье 23 Апреля 2023
Mitchell Park, Garingal Orienteers, Australia
Nightmare to number 6, couldn't make sense of the cliffs and was approaching too high. Number 12 was also more green than mapped a...
Sydney Sprint Weekend - KO C Final (12/03/2023)
Воскресенье 12 Марта 2023
Sydney Western University - Macarthur, ONSW, Australia
Fun race to end the weekend. Was only in the C final, so didn't stress it, and legs were pretty wrecked by now. Lots of added arti...
Sydney Sprint Weekend - KO Semi Final (12/03/2023)
Воскресенье 12 Марта 2023
Western Sydney University - Macarthur, ONSW, Australia
Slipped on dead leaves and fell into a set of stairs on the way to #4. Lost the pack, and had to take it easy to jog it off. Lucki...
Sydney Sprint Weekend - KO Qualifier (11/03/2023)
Easily qualified in fourth. Overshot the first, but clean after that
Sydney Sprint Weekend - Sprint Relay (11/03/2023)
Суббота 11 Марта 2023
University of New South Wales, ONSW, Australia
Sprint Relay, этап 3