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Mats Ogdén (mogd001) - NWOC and OK Linné Löpare

Analysis from events and kick ass trainings.

ROPAS (29.04.2021)
Čtvrtek 29 duben 2021
Kategorie: Training
Grampians, Me, NZ
Nationals Relay (04.04.2021)
Neděle 4 duben 2021
Kategorie: Competition
Kereta, NWOC, NZ
Relay, úsek 1|Výsledky
Very messy in the beginning, struggled with the direction and bad execution at the end of the long leg. Otherwise great fun.
Nationals Middle (04.04.2021)
Neděle 4 duben 2021
Kategorie: Competition
Kereta Dunes, NWOC, NZ
Biig mistake then a near perfect race. Satisfied with the comeback, disappointed to make such a big mistake. Awesome terrain and...
Nationals Long (02.04.2021)
Pátek 2 duben 2021
Kategorie: Competition
Karaka Swamp, NWOC, NZ
Some calibration errors in the beginning but then found the flow after 6. Felt like hard work.
WaitangiTC Middle (08.02.2021)
Pondělí 8 únor 2021
Kategorie: Training
Osgiliath, Me, NZ
WaitangiTC Tech (06.02.2021)
Sobota 6 únor 2021
Kategorie: Training
Scotts Ferry, Me, NZ
WaitangiTC IntrO (06.02.2021)
Sobota 6 únor 2021
Kategorie: Training
Foxton Beach, Me, NZ
Startläger Rierhead Middle (06.01.2021)
Středa 6 leden 2021
Kategorie: Training
Riverhead Headquarters, Me, NZ
Ran ahead to put out controls, awesome forest!