QB 2016 - Middle M20 (04/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kuku Beach
Organiser: Wellington OC
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 5.37 km
Time: 35:03
Strange mapping around 4 confused me (looked identical to the area around 5). Totally lost my focus to 5 and drifted off my compass and got completely confused to the west of the control. Small miss to 6 before I regained compusure and spiked the next few controls well. Choose an awful route to 13 (I didn't really plan) and was also thrown through some awful micro-routechoices losing more time. Rusty performance but not without some positives.
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QB 2016 - Middle M20 (04/06/2016) QB 2016 - Middle M20 (04/06/2016)