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AOTC O Test (29/12/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Telefone Track
Organiser: Mustard On The Beat, Ho
Country: NZizzle
Discipline: Medel
Distance: 5.13 km
Time: 26:34
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 205
Mad as initial chapter of an annual tradition: annual or biennial course to test our improvement of orienteering ability, modelled after King Thierry Guweorgiou's N course in Guademar.
Really nice course set by Matt Goodall, much aesthetic appeal.
Had a minor mare with some cunty security guards, but we won the Mexican standoff at the gate, and fucked shit up in the forest.
Sick to do a training as probably above race pace but managed to remain in control all the time, good as it will help increase my actual race pace.
Pretty clean through first two, then had a bit of a mare at 3, knew I was in the control circle but at such a high speed I couldn't really work out where exactly the control was meant to be.
Missed it and this affected my next leg as I had shitty as exit direction and cocked up a bit. Lost about 40sec on this leg.
Pretty good through the next couple and even through the coast, albeit with slightly less confidence.
Then coming out of the coast to 14 I got stuck in the shitty thinnings that are on the edge of the forest and seriously got pushed off the straight line, taking a pretty poor route and losing about 50 secs.
Hard to keep pushing through the rest as pretty tired but managed to smash it out with some coke up my asscrack.
Fucking chur.
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AOTC O Test (29/12/2015) AOTC O Test (29/12/2015)