Australian Long Championships (03/10/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Chapel Flat
Organiser: Dr Blake
Country: Oz
Discipline: Laaaaaaaaaaaaang
Distance: 13.74 km
Time: 75:59
Average HR: 179
Maximum HR: 201
Had a late start so got pretty pumped up by the sick live coverage and all the elites and shit in the quarantine. Just frothing to start tbh.

Was pretty quick to 1, and decided to take the track across the stream for some security coming into the control even though it wouldn't have been that bad going straight.
Leg 2 probably would have been faster just running straight across the erosion gullies, especially as I got a bit confused before I came to the main track.
3 was a bit slow but stable.
Coming to 4 I thought of how shite the felled bits in Woodhill are so smashed it around the track. Pretty lucky I came off the track in the right place as it was bingo asf.
5. Glad I went all the way around the track as it gave me a really safe route with less effort than probably required in the terrain, and less map reading. Also got a nice drink on the track just as I was starting to die from the heat and 20 mins of running down a very long road. Maybe would have been a bit faster cutting off the top corner of the track but I cbf really. Coming into the control I saw Ed so was kinda counting the minutes until I was in the same place he was. Was a bit of a mare having been 40 mins and only through 5 controls hahaha.
6/7 were pretty sweet, then at 8 took a bit of a batty route for some reason and ended up too high.
9 was really batty, got really confused when I saw a car wreck and looked at the wrong x on the map, so thought I had already crossed both little tracks. Pretty low confidence in my nav but I held my compass and it turned out alright.
Fucked up 10 when I got a little bit distracted thinking deeply about potential and reality. Followed an unmapped erosion gully into the wrong reentrant and fucked around for a wee while. Coming out of 10 I took a compass bearing from 11-12 so had a shitty as direction and lost heaps of height at the start.
11-12 was pretty sweet running straight, sick gold mining detail.
13 was just beasting it up a hill.
Coming through the spectator control I was wishing I had put a drink there lol, but just smashed it straight through.
Was pretty stable through 15-16 then caught Patty at 17. Was pretty cool running with him as we upped the pace and smashed it through the last couple of controls then pushed each other up a shit cunny hill to the finish. Really really really long course but was pretty fun.
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Australian Long Championships (03/10/2015) Australian Long Championships (03/10/2015)