Oringen Etapp 1 (23/07/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Simlangsdalen
Organiser: Oringen
Country: Sweden
Distance: 6.58 km
Time: 39:13
Average HR: 181
Maximum HR: 192
First race of Oringen. Feeling pretty tired at the start. Orienteering was good until 8, sped up a little too much and had small misses on 9 and 10. Made a parallel error on 11, reading the wrong hill beffore the control. Lost confidence on 12 and stuffed it, bad route choice to 13. 15 and 16 were bad. Sorted my shit for the last few.
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Oringen Etapp 1 (23/07/2012) Oringen Etapp 1 (23/07/2012)