Australian Schools Individual Champs (30/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Peterdine North
Organiser: Orienteering Western Australia
Country: Australia
Discipline: Individual
Distance: 6.29 km
Time: 45:34
Most area's of white on the map are very open and took a while to get used to. Very long grass over the entire map. Started my GPS a bit late but just in time to capture my big mistake on the first control. Lost over 3 minutes. Wasn't concerntrating enough as I crossed over the fence. Made another 2 minute error on control 3. Was struggling with relocating as marked clearings were not very obvious. Rest of the race was pretty clean but pace was slow due to the heat as not used to running in these temperatures in NZ
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Australian Schools Individual Champs (30/09/2014) Australian Schools Individual Champs (30/09/2014)