Australian Middle Distance Champs (27/09/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lover's Ridge
Organiser: Orienteering Western Australia
Country: Australia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 4.73 km
Time: 31:47
Navigation and pace going really well until the last few controls where I made a series of mistakes and lost about 5 minutes.

10: (Lost 2 minutes) Didn't quite go far enough down re-entrant and thought I was in re-entrant further East (below control 13). Headed west and ended up in clearing where control 11 is and relocated and found control 10.

12: (lost 2:30 minutes) Bad exit direction and dropped too low. Didn't have much of an idea of where I was after that until I ended back up at control 10.

13: (lost 30 seconds) Wasn't concerntrating and exited the control heading straight to 14 instead of 13. Silly mistake.

Dropped from 4th to 7th place in these few controls.
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Australian Middle Distance Champs (27/09/2014) Australian Middle Distance Champs (27/09/2014)