JWOC Middle Qual Pt. 2 (10/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gjern Bakker
Country: Denmark
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 2.73 km
Time: 16:29
Mostly strong and consistent in the second half of the course. Got a bit confused after I cut off the track going to 11. Also got a bit stuck in the marsh/lake going to 12, should have gone right around the trak and then contoured into the control. Feeling a bit weak by the end of the course, tried to push hard but despite no significant mistakes, a combination of a few small errors and not fast enough strength wise didn't make the A-final.
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JWOC Middle Qual Pt. 2 (10/07/2019) JWOC Middle Qual Pt. 2 (10/07/2019)