JWOC Long Pt. 1 (08/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Velling-Snabegaard
Country: Denmark
Discipline: Long
Distance: 10.11 km
Time: 71:53
Epic long distance as is to be expected at JWOC. Didn't have the strength to push hard to whole way in this kind of terrain. Very energy sapping in places. Small miss to the 5th as I was off my compass. Bigger mistake to 6 as I was about 5 -10m above the control and didn't see it on the opposite side of green as I passed it, had to relocate off the track. About this time on the long leg to 7 that I noticed a bubble in my compass and had to swap it for my backup in my pocket. Handled most of the phi loop well but again had another small miss to 12 in the vague contours in this area. Decided to try and take the 'safe' routechoice to 15 but didn't notice under the '4' in the control number 14 that the track out of the control joined the wrong track and lost time and got very confused when things didn't line up. A bit messy in general and too much time lost on silly avoidable mistakes.
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JWOC Long Pt. 1 (08/07/2019) JWOC Long Pt. 1 (08/07/2019)