QB'Day 2016 - Long (04/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Osgiliath Wood
Organiser: Wellington OC
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Long
Distance: 9.35 km
Time: 65:17
Very happy with this race, so close to being perfect technically and happy with physical performance also. Only disrupted by a huge mistake to 13. Crossed major track ~200m south, then up and over the edge of the broad hill/spur, and started coming accross a lot of tracks, which were quite open so almost impossible to pick out the mapped clearings. A lot more scattered green as well so thought I had gone too far north into the mapped green past the track. Bailed out to the road where I thought I was further north in the clearing (more unmapped tracks) so came in to the wrong area again, finally stumbled accross the control hidden behind a fair amount of vegetation behind a hill. Lost 5:30 on this control and ended up 5:33 down on the lead.
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Danny Dyer : I'm a local teacher. Where can I find the original for this map? Cheers
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QB'Day 2016 - Long (04/06/2016) QB'Day 2016 - Long (04/06/2016)