Auckland Orienteering Series 6 (24/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Waiuku North
Organiser: CMOC
Country: New Zealand
Distance: 7.25 km
Time: 57:15
A lot of undergrowth around 4 and drifted off the line from the top of the vague hill. All the tracks down in the southern coastal strip seem very off around 10 and doubted where exactly I was after coming down the hill. Decided to go to the track to13 although ran straigth past the control without seeing it, control was on the opposite side to a bush to where I was. A lot of vague vegetation changes around19. The whole map would benefit with a remap at some point.
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Auckland Orienteering Series 6 (24/05/2015) Auckland Orienteering Series 6 (24/05/2015)