WOC 2014 Sprint Qual (05/07/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Burano - Mazzorbo
Organiser: WOC2014
Country: Italy
Discipline: Sprint
First ever WOC race. Technically I felt well prepared, as Ross and I had gone over the map a lot, setting what could have been the hardest course on the map. We identified all the key route choices and 'traps', and predicted that the organisers would do nothing unexpected. Today, my biggest mistake was my physical preparation. I had done no relevant sprints, nor was I prepared for the speed required to qualify. If I had actually been in 'shape' then I feel I could of qualified, but today I was content with just having my first WOC experience.

S-5: Easy controls, took best route choices, but even to the first I was 5 seconds behind.

5-6: Long leg that we had predicted and I knew the route choice I should take. Small mistake when I missed the first bridge crossing, as it was a new flat bridge that you couldnt see until you were on the second bridge. Bridges were also mapped wrong which cost Ross and Tim a lot of time.

7-8: I should have run to the right after crossing the bridge.

12-13: Another point of mapping controversy, which ultimately resulted in Marten Böstrom missing the final. The alleyway after the main street was very hard to see, and was made worse by the fact that the alley before it was actually closed off. I missed here, but then realised quite quickly.

14-15: Bad flow through the buildings towards the end of the leg.

20-21: Should have taken a more direct route.

Not even the sum of these mistakes would have given me a chance of qualifying, so the big lesson today, speed! Especially when the courses are so easy, and you can be so technically prepared. Of course this is just experience, and I was not focusing on this race to any great extent, turning up 2 days prior to the race after a 3am start to get to Venice. Nice to see the Danes smash it in the final, but reading what they did, it is clear that they were the most prepared: Technically, Phsyically and of course Mentally!
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WOC 2014 Sprint Qual (05/07/2014)