Slater Road A Series (09/03/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Slater Road
Organiser: NWOC
Country: NZ
Distance: 7.71 km
Time: 52:47
Average HR: 175
Maximum HR: 186
Finally had a good feeling orienteering today...Really nice map (re-map). My race was quite good, I made a stupid route choice to number 3 after seeing the massive climb out of the second. But I didn't save much climb going around and I was running through shit (lost 90 seconds). I lost a bit of time coming back up the hill towards the end, losing a minute to Tom in two legs. Need to get much stronger up longer hills, which hopefuly the mountain biking will help with. Overall, a really nice course and race!
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Slater Road A Series (09/03/2013) Slater Road A Series (09/03/2013)