JWOC Long Trial (03/03/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Pukepuke
Organiser: Red Kiwis
Country: NZ
Discipline: Long
Distance: 11.16 km
Time: 58:34
Average HR: 176
Maximum HR: 185
Felt reasonablly good in the warm up, but I think my body was stilll quite smashed after a solid period of training. End of a mesocycle so wasn't too suprised with how I was feeling. The race was mostly boring, lots of flat running with opportunity to switch your brain off. First mistake was to control 4 where I should have attacked it straight. I caught up Duncan and tried to use him to guide me into the control but he was making a mistake too....The long leg to 5 I lost nearly 90 seconds because I tried to avoid the 'out of bounds' but then gave up mid way because the forest was not felled. If I could have run straight through the out of bounds then I think this route choice would have been quite good. The forest was so fast and open that you wouldn't have been running much slower than on the road. I lost a couple of seconds at each control waking them up which got frustrating towards the end. My worse mistake was to control 9 where I saw the striped and considered it too green to run through. So i took the track option which proved to be a lot of extra pointless running. Was not running as hard as I can...understimated Nicks running speed! Not suprising that Tim was so close, will be exciting to see how he is running closer to JWOC!
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JWOC Long Trial (03/03/2012) JWOC Long Trial (03/03/2012)