WOC 2023 Middle Final (15/07/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Uaul Grond Flims
Organiser: WOC2023
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Middle
Very very tough, physically and technically. Conditions were hot.

To 1 I was perhaps too much on the edge. Just running through the terrain was challenging enough, let alone reading the map. I was sure I was looking at the large white re-entrant as I hit the control circle, but then didn't correct left. Not a great way to start.

From there 2, 3 and 4 were ok but I missed some micro route choices. found it almost impossible to find a decent flow in the terrain. To 5 I didn't pick a good route choice going too far to the right. After that it was kind of ok technically barring the bad route choices to 18 and 21. But physically it was just so so tough, the ending purely brutal.
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WOC 2023 Middle Final (15/07/2023) WOC 2023 Middle Final (15/07/2023)