Oceania 2019 Long (05/10/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kangaroo Crossing
Organiser: Orienteering Victoria
Country: Australia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 18.58 km
Time: 185:51
Felt good at the start...poor bearing to the first control, but managed to correct quickly. Think I was a bit distracted by the cameraman who was following from the get go. First decisive route choice 3-4, I lost a significant amount of time going left compared to the others who went right. I don't quite understand how it was that much slower, but the right route choice it seems you could maintain high speed all the way to the control. Fairly stable after that to the map exchange and the start of the 4 km super long leg. I had in my mind to run fairly straight for the long leg I thought Warren would set, so then it was just a matter of avoiding some of the greener parts and climb. I didnt do this so well and had much slower speed compared to Will who had the fastest time for the leg. Still, an awesome long leg!

However, with there being no water at the end of the long leg (it had leaked from the container) and the hot climb up the hill before the control, I went seriously into the red. My feet swelled, or the strapping tape contracted, which started to really hurt my feet. The combination of dehydration/heat stroke and the pain in my feet rapidly brought my race to a stop. I had to sit down and undo the tape, but the feet were already bruised, then I had to go into survival mode trying to get from water station to water station. Managed to hobble around the last part of the course, but the rough hard terrain left my feet blistered on top of the bruising from the tape. Very very tough day, frustrating to be so cooked by the heat and perhaps I could have avoided some of the feet issues with other shoes. Ah well, shit happens.
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Oceania 2019 Long (05/10/2019) Oceania 2019 Long (05/10/2019)