Oceania 2019 Middle (06/10/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rcecourse Creek
Organiser: Orienteering Victoria
Country: Australia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 6.9 km
Time: 44:45
Good start. Big mistake to the 7th, just not secure coming off the hill. Then feet started hurting really badly again after the climb to 9. I couldn't take a step with an excrutiating pain jolting through me - combination of strapping tape/VJ bolds...wasn't very fun. Aston came through me on the way to 15, but couldn't hold on at all. Disappointing weekend performance wise - the shape was good, but the body, especially the feet, simply did not handle the terrain/heat at all.
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Oceania 2019 Middle (06/10/2019) Oceania 2019 Middle (06/10/2019)