WOC 2018 Middle (07/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sigulda
Organiser: WOC2018
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 7.31 km
Time: 47:30
Well, a complete and total fuck up. The main issue was that my compass was damaged which I did not realise before the race. I had to put it in my pocket after the 12th control as I lost complete faith in it. Post-race inspection, the compass doesn't consistently point north, seemingly getting suck at certain positions. Whether this was the cause of my mistake to control 3, or I simply did not take enough care when crossing the large road, I am not sure. Anyway, I proceeded to make the largest parallel mistake I have made in a very very long time. It is quite hard to take this race in given that I had really good preparations the last two weeks and felt good before the race. So to have such a disastrous performance, where I had no idea where I was for such a long time to the third control, is really quite disappointing. The mistake has left me with quite an empty feeling, but I will need to re-focus and avenge this performance in the relay and long distance in the coming days. On a brighter note, awesome to see Eskil take the gold!

A race to forget.
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WOC 2018 Middle (07/08/2018) WOC 2018 Middle (07/08/2018)