Back to Basics (08/02/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Telephone Track
Organiser: Me
Country: NZ
Distance: 9.48 km
Time: 58:37
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 177
First technical training of 2016 and hence very rusty with the technique. I have not wanted to touch a map for a very long time, since last year, but recently I have felt the erge grow. Also entered Nationals today which will help the motivation, but I have decided to have a sabbatical from international orienteering this year to focus on other things.

Started off fairly tired, recovering from a 5hr mtb mission yesterday with Neil and Greg along the Moerangi MTB Trail. Nice to turn up to the parking and see the Moore family chilling after their MTB ride. Decent run to the start, but quite happy with that as I wanted to have a longer session.

Tried to focus on the technique as I know the speed is not there right now. Was very rusty tehnically, not helped by a bubble in my compass. (2) - was straight on, but I was not 100% confident coming over the final ridge and looked left and noticed a height which I thought was the control. (6) - again not clinical enough in the circle. The corridors were ok, but tough in the lupine filled dunes. Second corridor I opted out of, starting to get a little tired. Smashed out the "interval", although only just broke 5min/km so a lot more speed too come (HR was also 10 beats less than race pace, indicating fatigue)!

Overall really happy to be back in the forest, finding some challenges again. A lot to work on, but its a start.:)
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Back to Basics (08/02/2016) Back to Basics (08/02/2016)