SM Natt 2015 (17/04/2015)
Category: Competition
Organiser: Attunda
Country: Sverige
Discipline: Natt
Distance: 16.57 km
Time: 87:03
First Swedish night champs. Really happy with the performance, and the result! Ran by myself and did not see many other runners.

Speed still needs to be higher, but on the whole the technique was pretty good. Mistake to the 5th, where I had bad direction and climbed too much, and then not the best route choice to the 7th. Missed the second pivot control, just before the end of the butterfly. Started to get pretty tired towards the end, and made some really sillly mistakes in the control circle to the 22nd, 24th and the easiest control, the 25th! Fint!
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SM Natt 2015 (17/04/2015) SM Natt 2015 (17/04/2015)