Lipica Open Stage 2 (08/03/2015)
Category: Competition
Organiser: Lipica
Country: Slovenia
Discipline: Kort Lång
Distance: 11.44 km
Time: 66:25
Average HR: 112
Maximum HR: 150
Tough race, mainly because the legs were so tired. Missed 40 seconds to the first control, trying to find a way through the cliffs and rocks. From the splits I can see that my speed was not high, losing significant time on controls 2 and 3. The 5th leg, I was satisfied with my route choice however lost some time entering the control. running into the striped and rocks. I should have run a little to the left to avoid all the shit. The next period was quite good technically, a few times getting stuck in wind fallen trees, however just fighting the body and the terrain. 14th I should have run straight (as always). The last controls were sloppy, especially in the circle as I became tired and lost focus. Really nice to be running in completely different terrain!
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Lipica Open Stage 2 (08/03/2015) Lipica Open Stage 2 (08/03/2015)