Turelund MultiTechnique Träning (02/11/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Lunsen
Organiser: Thierry
Country: Sverige
Distance: 10.1 km
Time: 79:16
Svårt träning. Was going good in the beginning, apart from a mistake to the 4th where I misinterpreted where I was coming over the major hill. 7-8 is probably one of the most demanding legs that one can have in orienteering, and for the majority of the leg it was going good. Unfortunately I got distracted by Thierry (running in the opposite direction) and then lost contact. Lunsen is one of those maps where you just have to be focused the entire time, a single lapse in concentration and you can be left not having a clue where you are. The control picking was mostly good, some small deviations from the the optimal route in places but I was mostly satisfied with that part. I think I got tired, and consequently lazy after then as my compass turned to shit. Each of the "nothing" legs, I missed quite considerably, veering right in all cases. The corridor was a bit of a shambles also. Really good technical training, and some definite points in my technique I need to work on! I would like to do more of these tough corridors and compass trainings!
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Turelund MultiTechnique Träning (02/11/2014) Turelund MultiTechnique Träning (02/11/2014)