OY6 White's Line (15/09/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: White's Line, Woodhill
Organiser: Kat Reynolds, NWOC
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Long
Distance: 8.89 km
Time: 59:53
Fun course. Rushing at number 6 and didn't relocate straight away but had to run off to the side to do so... this shouldn't be happening. Also some silly mistakes like on the way to 18 where I thought I was further up the track for some reason (thought it was the other hill I was seeing, stupid), and then was careless about getting to the finish so ran longer than I should have. Still places to improve my compass skills!
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OY6 White's Line (15/09/2012) OY6 White's Line (15/09/2012)