Auckland Champs Long (part 1) (07/11/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Plantation Farm
Organiser: CMOC
Country: NZ
Distance: 7.04 km
Time: 72:28
Average HR: 166
Maximum HR: 190
Terrible map, vegetation mapping was ridiculously out of date. Most of the area was over run by low vine like stuff which made running very slow. Ground was also super slippery with the recent rain which made the few runnable bits not very runnable - hills were a nightmare to run up or down. Made mistakes to 2 (too casual on the compass - veered right and never corrected properly, for some reason thought I was on the line when I wasn't), 8+10 - extra green areas where I didn't see the control feature and had to relocate, and worst of all 13. 13 I didn't have an attak point after the fence and went up the wrong reetrant. Tried to fix it but the correct gully was choked in green and I just missed it (didn't help that it was tucked literally into a bush!). Thought I was too low instead of just high which added another 1-2mins to the mistake - ended up losing maybe 4-4:30 on it.
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Auckland Champs Long (part 1) (07/11/2020) Auckland Champs Long (part 1) (07/11/2020)