Auckland Champs Middle (07/11/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kohekohe
Organiser: CMOC
Country: NZ
Distance: 5.75 km
Time: 31:56
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 191
Nice to run out on Awhitu Peninsula again, love these maps. Pretty reasonable race with good speed esp early on. Over ran 2 (30s) as I was struggling to read all the detail initially there. Got into my groove nicely after that, lost a bit of time (20s) on 6 but that was because the control was on the wrong cliff(!) to the east of the control. Also lost time at 15 (20s, overgrown asf) and 17 (15s, wasn't sure where I was when I crossed the green bank and misread the green). Nice to win something again for the first time in a while!
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Auckland Champs Middle (07/11/2020) Auckland Champs Middle (07/11/2020)