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Welcome to Cameron's O Maps!

Some of my trainings and races (when I can be bothered to upload).

QB 2021 Long (06.06.2021)
Neděle 6 červen 2021
Kategorie: Competition
Woodhill, PAPO, NZ
Part 2. Totally lost the plot on 22. Can't believe how close to the control I was, tbf I thought I was 400m south and had lost map...
QB 2021 Long (05.06.2021)
Sobota 5 červen 2021
Kategorie: Competition
Woodend, PAPO, NZ
Not too bad on this side, 12 lost 1:20 ish and 16 lost 2-3mins. Compared to part 2 at least not bad...
QB 2021 Sprint Part 2 (05.06.2021)
Sobota 5 červen 2021
Kategorie: Competition
Much much better second half, was flying round. Finished quite strong.
Queens Birthday 2021 Sprint - Part 1 (05.06.2021)
Made a massive mistake on 3. Didn't look around enough, tunnel vision and parrallel mistake. Lost a lot of time on that and some m...