O-ringen Stage 5 H20E (26/07/2013)
Category: Competition
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Long Distance
Distance: 9.15 km
Time: 55:03
Pretty destroyed on the start line and made a tactical decision not to smash it. I knew it was 14 seconds back to 7th place but there was no way I wanted to fight with him. Then it was 6 minutes until 8th place and I figured if I jogged I could keep 7th. Feels a bit like I cheated by just jogging and still getting 7th, when there were people starting after me smashing it, but I couldn't have run hard. I was just so destroyed after the whole month of racing/training/Europe.
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O-ringen Stage 5 H20E (26/07/2013) O-ringen Stage 5 H20E (26/07/2013)