O-ringen Stage 1 H20E (21/07/2013)
Category: Competition
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Long Distance
Distance: 12.05 km
Time: 83:06
I didn't have a very good race in the first stage of O-ringen. On the way to the start I got a really sharp pain in my chest which wouldn't go away. It was like a stitch, only worse, and much higher up than usual. Like my heart was being squeezed or something. I got to the start 10 minutes early and becuase of my chest decided to just stand there and hope it went, rather than run or do any drills like usual. The pain was just too excruciating. I started and the pain was gone, but I wasn't ready to run, and it slowly crept back until by the end of the course it was completely back. The race was also pretty poor technically. I drifted too far right to 1 (parallel error with the drink station). A bit off on 4, and then I just ran past 5. I had contact to the east-west cliff before the control and then I just dropped too much. Going to 12 I drifted too far left, and was a bit off in the circle at the 14th. Not very happy with how I ran, and I came 12th. Got a bit of a cold coming on too. Aiming for a faster, more agressive start (and hopefully entire race) tomorrow.
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Matt: Talk to Gene about weird chest pains if it persists and by the way I am infinitely jealous of all you orienteering exploits.
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O-ringen Stage 1 H20E (21/07/2013) O-ringen Stage 1 H20E (21/07/2013)