Control Picking (28/10/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: Volhaugen
Country: Norway
Distance: 8.42 km
Time: 84:49
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 176
Pretty tough training session in the snow on Volhaugen. 7 km of control picking, where all of the open areas were knee-waist deep snow, and most of the forest too. Running in deep the snow is like running in soft sand, every step is such a mission. Fine through the first section, but must have stopped at the first hill on 10. 13 was really weird, and 17 looked like I was at the top of the steep bank, but obviously not. Just horrible on 20 and 23, which stuffed me up for 24. Got it back together for the last controls except 34 (the tracks were so strange) and I swear I was at the top of the hill on 38. My foot was still sore again.
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Control Picking (28/10/2012) Control Picking (28/10/2012)