Blodslitet H17-18 (13/10/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Høydal
Country: Norway
Distance: 17.02 km
Time: 104:39
Average HR: 173
Maximum HR: 184
Came 9th at Bloodslitet in H17-18. Pretty tough race and it didn’t help that I fell over and landed with my chest on a rock on the first map. Found it difficult to breathe properly and limited by my cold too. I lost time on 10 with a parallel error and found myself in a slow pack at 18. Started to pull ahead and caught the chasing pack at 19. Leading it on 20, but lost time on 21 and dropped to the back again. Pushed to the front and led from 22-26 when we caught some other guys and I was in 3rd. 4th at 27 but didn’t have any energy left and just managed to hang on to the finish. My cold, chest and the leading was too much for me.
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Blodslitet H17-18 (13/10/2012) Blodslitet H17-18 (13/10/2012)