Czech Camp Middle Distance (02/10/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Chvale?ský Les
Country: Czech Republic
Discipline: Middle Distance
Distance: 3.66 km
Time: 25:04
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 179
Middle Distance race with the Norwegian Juniors. Came 3rd equal but Paul won with 22:52, that’s pretty fast. I lost a lot of time on 11, about 2:30. That’s the last time I ever follow anyone. We were contouring around, and I thought ‘We really should be dropping’ but I put that aside and just followed. Idiot!! I should know to trust my own navigation by now. Didn’t use a lot of time from mistakes but I think it was better to run straight rather than run out to a track. Both times I tried that I was beaten. Forest was quite rough but it is still better to stick to the pink line

To train for JWOC Middle Distance:
• Be strong on hills
• Have control in the technical sections
• Compass for the vague slopes
• Aggression through the green
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Czech Camp Middle Distance (02/10/2012) Czech Camp Middle Distance (02/10/2012)